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Philippe Petit

My favorite rooster.  He’s gentle and mild, but he likes his high wire.

I think I’ll shake out my neck
Maybe my whole head
And wings! Going for it!

If you haven’t heard of Philippe Petit, who threw a wire between the World Trade Centers the moment they were constructed and tightrope walked between them (eat your heart out, Blondin), you’re missing out.

The documentary with the original characters is called Man on Wire (excellent!), and the Hollywood version, The Walk, stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Petit and is almost entirely truthful (also excellent! and in 3D!).  Both films will incite gasping, awe, and breath-holding.

He tightrope walked (and more) between the World Trade Centers!

Hoo! That’s better.

Tarzan chicks

Three feet off the ground!  A hen-pecked tomato three feet off the ground in the greenhouse.   Couldn’t have anything to do with this little clown:

He/she appears to be the resident vine climbing expert.

I have plenty of tomatoes to spare for them to supplement their diets with.  And they don’t need to reach so high to get them, either.


Happy Thanksgiving yesterday!

Guineas in the walnut tree

The guineas love perching in the walnut tree.  There was this one night when they all flew off the greenhouse, after dark ,and tried to land in the top branches of the walnut tree, and some were more successful than others, some falling all the way to the ground, bouncing off branches the whole way.  But usually, they like the long low branches over the feeder and the coop.

Guineas are so funny looking!

It starts with one. Then come some more.

Oh!  Flight!

Then a fourth, tangled in the leaves at the end.

All sorted out.