5 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Your page is visually captivating. Your photos are just beautiful, with colors that calm. I have zero ability to make things look so lovely, so I’ll just browse here and take it in. PS–We are pretend moving to Canada, so this is research too!

  2. Selka,
    Enjoying your posts and missing N.S. tremendously. Traveling from Olympia to the N.E., in late Sept.- Oct. Family to visit in Maine and Boston Honk the weekend of Oct.9-12th. My partner plays sax in Oly’s own, ” Artesian Rumble Arkestra “, They will be playing in Boston with bands from all over the U.S. and from other parts of the world. Last year they had a bands from Russia and one from Paris.
    Anyway, if we make it to N.S. , it would be great to make a stop. I’m impressed and appreciate you’re sharing.
    Reminder of how we met: Watching the procession in Oly! We had N.S. in common, you were going to be moving there soon and I had bought 5 acres on Sandy Point, Shelburne, when I was 19 yrs.

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