Outside looking in

The five outcast roosters are spending their days gazing through the plastic wall, or fence, at all the fun the others are having, and the hens prancing around.Their coop is in the edge of the woods, but they have gravitated, in a group, to the side of the greenhouse.   They haven’t investigated too far.  Not far enough to find the end of the fence.  It’s only one section now, to deter them from getting at the rest of the flock (it doesn’t take much).  There are enough roos in the mix, and I don’t want any of these guys’ genes. They’re just dumb, aggressive galoots; they spend all day scrapping with each other.  Not even pure Silkies.  Maybe not their fault they aren’t good for anything, but still.  What do I do with them?!

I can’t even caption them.  All I get is Duhhhhh.  Hen.  HEN.  Fight!  Duhhhh.

On the inside a couple of the new roos have shown that they have a brain, and some gumption, and have essentially self-selected for inclusion in the main flock (for now, until I make some arranged marriages).  Oddly, it’s only the black roosters that have distinguished themselves.  In my flock, the white roosters are the clever, trustworthy ones (the Colonel is a hero among roosters).

2 thoughts on “Outside looking in”

  1. The hatchery where we buy our new layer chicks each year – sells several ‘heritage’ type breeds. They point out in print the breeds that are considered aggressive. Black silkies are at the top of the list. Sometimes we pick up a few ‘yard candy’ as we call it. We’ve two white silkies that are eight years old now. They get along well with the others…..our black Banty Cochin is almost ten – he’s the boss of everybody despite his size, and will still pick a fight with a rooster that outweighs him by five pounds. 😊


    1. Wow! I’m so surprised that the colour of the bird is considered to make a difference. It’s the opposite for me. My white roosters are the dominants and the brains, although I would never call them aggressive (well, the new white and grey roosters kinda are, and without the brains).


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