Apples makes a friend

We had a visitor stop in to see my chickens, and Apples got some special attention.

We haven’t been in the habit of cuddling Apples lately, since she started to object to being picked up.  I’m a chicken, not a purse dog!

But today, she turned on all the charm, and was perfectly thrilled to perch on a lap and be pet.

She started to nod off with all the stroking, falling asleep.

I am not falling asleep!

She hung out on Lily’s lap for a good half hour while we talked, perfectly content and comfortable.

She’s a good chicken ambassador (Apples, that is).

Who wouldn’t be enchanted by a soft, cuddly chicken?

Happy Harvest farm and chicken petting zoo.  Now open.

It’s working

Lily doing her best chicken whispering.




Lily doesn’t have her own chickens (yet), but says “you might have to call me a chicken lady now”.

Yes, you should keep chickens.

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