First tick!

Good god, a tick already?!!

A deer tick, first week of March! (On HW.   He was pruning fruit trees).  What is the world coming to?

Hello creepy crawly feelings of ticks walking on me, whether or not they’re really there.  For the next seven months.

I should have taken a picture before cutting the tick in half.  I figure no picture is better, now.

One thought on “First tick!”

  1. I haven’t seen any yet. I’m hoping that is one good outcome of our funky weather this year. Maybe it got warm enough to bring them out, only to kill them with the below freezing temperatures we’re now having in the mornings. But, probably not. They probably find a nice warm spot under some leaves or something, just waiting for some unsuspecting creature to walk by. They DO give me the creeps.

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