bird fight!

Snow White and Brown Bonnet had a knock down, drag out fight after I integrated Brown Bonnet and the littlest chicks into the girls fort, which I expanded, and put the covered wagon into.  Now the chicks can socialize, and the hens will lay eggs in the covered wagon.A big fight often always happens when hens that left the flock to brood some eggs come back together.  They have things to sort out.  This time, they waited until the afternoon to beef.Hen fights consist of one grabbing one another by the neck with their beak, and holding on for a long time, while each struggles to dominate with their neck strength.  Think thumb wrestling.  It’s almost exactly like thumb wrestling.Watch and learn, kids, watch and learn.  They both froze like this for nearly a minute, like the bell rang, panting and waiting.Then they went for another round.  Young hens are backing away…The fighters are the only two mothers in the room, I don’t know if that has something to do with it.And then it was suddenly over, and they each walked calmly away.   I have no idea who  won that, but I’m sure they do.

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