Blizzard squirrel!

We’re getting a proper storm now, after a couple of “weather events” that I would call normal winter snowfall, but were hyped up out of proportion before hand (and got me all excited) but fizzled.img_5377

This is a real storm.  We had a foot of snow overnight and supposed to get another foot during the day today, with blistering winds.  2300 Nova Scotians are already out of power, and only emergency workers are allowed to drive (in some places, the plows aren’t even out-near us, one went off the road).  The snow is piled up on our windowsills and we had to push the door open through the snow.  Nicely corniced drifts curve around any structures.img_5373 img_5382

The chickens are cozy in the chicken dome.  The chickadees are at work.  Bunnies are taking refuge under our house (when we kick our boots off on the threshold it scares them and they come shooting out), and the squirrel is hungry.

Hungry enough to tackle the squirrel proof bird feeder.

This time, the pictures are fuzzy because of the blowing snow.img_5365


The chickadees were waiting to get the feeder back

Frustrated by the feeder, he retreated to a branch to warm up his hands.  The wind was blowing his tail around.

Suddenly, he ran down the tree and disappeared into the snow at the base of the trunk!

A minute later, he popped up through the snow under the feeder like a gopher, having tunneled under.


He spent a while burrowing around, finding all the spilled seeds from the last couple days in the snow.  img_5341 img_5344

When a big gust came up, he would vanish below the snow again for a moment.


Squirrel “ventilation shafts” in the snow.


And the one at the base of the tree.

I went out to cast more seed multiple times during the day, as the snow was gumming up the feeders and there were 11 chickadees here but having a hard time in the wind.  They were doing best staying low and eating off the snow, but the snow would cover seed rapidly, soooo, I essayed out to feed my dependents again and again.

This is where I keep the seed:


There was a snow cave dug into the dome of snow on top of the can!img_5379

A proper snow cave, with a back door:)

2 thoughts on “Blizzard squirrel!”

  1. Awww. I feel kind of bad for the poor hungry squirrel. Smart though, to realize that getting under the snow is warmer than being above it in the wind. Stay safe and warm. Hope your power stays on.

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