Squirrel mayhem

I unlocked the shop (tiny shed-where we keep our stuff, since we live in a tiny house) and walked in.  I startled a squirrel that was on the central support post just as I walked in.  It squawked before dashing out by the eaves, and as it did something fell to the ground, catching the light as it fell.

I did whatever I’d come to the shop for, and just before I left I wondered what that squirrel had dropped, and looked for it on the floor.

It was a Hershey’s kiss!  Gold foil wrapped.

Perfectly intact, dropped from the interloping squirrel’s mouth as it gasped in surprise when I walked in.

This was like the movie moment when realization dawns on the heroine that the killer is already IN her house! (or Verbal Kint IS Keyser Soze!  or five holds have been breached, not four!).

Realization dawned.  I spun around to gaze at the Rubbermaid tubs behind me.  In slow motion, with realization music of doom playing.  It just so happened that I bought some gold-foil-wrapped Hershey’s Kisses quite recently.  They’d been on sale the day after Halloween.  I’d secured them in a blue Rubbermaid.

I went to the tub, the only known location of Hershey’s Kisses.  I pulled it out of the shelf and this is what I found:


The hole was chewed on the far side of the lid, where it wasn’t easily seen.  Better yet, the Kisses were on the opposite side of the bin, so the squirrel had to get himself into the bin, wriggle across it for the kisses (ignoring apparently less tempting foods), and then turn around and get out.  She’d chewed in the wrong end.img_4622


What a mess.  The little varmint had enjoyed several candies already at the scene of the crime.  I could get an accurate count by the little Hersey’s pull tabs (17).  The wrappers were a mass of shredded foil.  Sticky foil.  They were caramel kisses.  But since I’d surprised that squirrel in the act of leaving with a kiss that was totally intact, how many whole kisses did she already take away, and where is the squirrel lair packed with a golden pile of Hershey’s Kisses?  That squirrel must think he’s got the stash of the century.

I fixed him with some hardware cloth.

4 thoughts on “Squirrel mayhem”

  1. Oh my! I know that lots of candy is bad for dogs and cats. I really hope it isn’t that bad for the squirrel. I really would hate for it to die for it’s troubles. I know that is a horrible mess and squirrels can be very destructive. Glad you found it when you did and took measures to keep him and his friends out in the future.

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