Loving the time change

Falling Back is treating me well.  There’s that whole temporary “what will you do with your extra hour” and gloatingly “sleeping in” on the day of, but the feeling of abundant time persists for me.  It seems like there’s many more than one extra hour in every day, still.

There is little I like more than “What?  It’s only 4:30?” – the crucial word “only” appearing in the sentence is a remarkable reversal of the usual sensation.

I’m getting so much done!  It seems like it’s getting dark early (duh) but then the clock says there’s a whole third of the day left.  I find this spacious sensation more bizarre because I don’t especially live by the clock anyway, but by the light.  Having chickens is like that.  They are not impressed by your hocus-pocus with a clock.  The sun is up.  Feed me.


I heard someone on CBC agitating against changing the time at all, saying that Springing Ahead change imposes a one-hour jet lag on the whole nation (except Saskatchewan), and this causes a reduction of productivity and more traffic accidents.

It’s not just Saskatchewan.  I happen to have lived in one small recalcitrant region of BC that refused to Save any Daylight (or adopt metric).  I can’t say if it increases productivity but it definitely contributes to missed ferries.


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