First time voter

Although I am a dual citizen, I’ve never before considered voting for a president.

I wonder how many Canadians with the right to vote in an American election came out of the woodwork this year and did the footwork to cast an absentee ballot.

If the postmaster of my tiny rural Nova Scotia town remarked to me that “lots” of people were sending in their ballots, and people I didn’t even know knew I was dual are asking me if I voted, then … I suspect that there were record numbers of overseas/absent/dual citizens exercising their franchise this month.

I’m curious to see the voter turnout numbers.

One thing’s for sure, the elections office staff in the counties that my husband and I voted in were excessively, generously, patient and helpful.  Making international phone calls to us, on election day to make sure we knew we were able to vote, and how?  They seemed to really want to make every vote count.

Whatever happens tonight, the sun may rise tomorrow on a different political landscape, but when it rises on the literal one,  all the chickens (and cows and cats and dogs) will still need to be fed.


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