Mosquito mayhem

Lying in wait
Lying in wait

Out of nowhere, mosquitoes came to besiege us in the night in numbers we haven’t seen here before.  Clouds of them covered the screened windows and speckled the outside of the camper.  Mosquitoes have been around, but by no means a force worth noting.  We’ve had occasional lone skeeters find their way into the camper in the night; there must be a small breech we haven’t found, but this night they were nearly flowing in.   Kill one and a minute later, there’d be another.   We would clear the camper of culprits, turn the lights out, and just enough time would pass to become still when …eeeeeeEEEE!  Gack!  Finally we deployed a mosquito tent over the bed in order to finally sleep.  The sound of a mob of insects literally out for your blood is disturbing.  The pervasive hum was so loud, no longer background noise, but very foreground.  What the heck?  It must have something to do with the storm, but did they get blown here?

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