A mild breeze

Seems like every time I get into a canoe it’s a battle.   With a strong current, with a less experienced co-pilot, or, as it turns out, with the wind.

Wow.  It’s kind of cool feeling like the water is a quiet, easily predictable ally, while the air around you is a trickster sprite.  The canoe reacts almost before you even feel the breath on your face, and you alternate between J-stroking fiercely in the lulls, and battling to just hold position when it blows up.  There’s nothing like fighting as hard as you can and still going backwards.  Or else, rectifying your heading, and then seeing the water stipple a little, which means that the wind is about to grab the empty end of your vessel and whip it around like it’s a sail.  You can’t stop for a moment to rest, or you lose so much “ground” it’s just depressing.

Hell of a workout though.

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